10th July 2018 Liz Lira, Ladies Styling workshop! 9pm (90 Minutes)

Diferentes propostas segundo as capacidades das participantes tendo uma base comum de conceitos. From Beginner to Intermediate/advance, within the same context different proposals. 

25€ or 20€ groups over 3 ( 20€ para grupos com mais de 3 inscrições)

Desconto especial Alunas Danças do Mundo (5€)

Adress/Local: Academia Danças do Mundo
Rua Visconde Santarém 71 B - Arco do Cego, Lisboa - Portugal

Org. - inscrição: Afonso Costa (+351) 960000622 -

Chegou a grande oportunidade! Liz Lira em Lisboa - Portugal!
For the first time, Salsas Best 10th World Champion is here!

She's also available for private clases. Please contact for more info!

Ps: Os rapazes que já dancem salsa, são bem vindos, gratuitamente, para a segunda parte do workshop, para elas poderem praticar em contexto de par. Façam a vossa inscrição junto comigo.

LIZ LIRA - 10 Times World Salsa Champion

Liz Lira, the "Rose of Salsa", was born in La Paz, Bolivia, and immigrated to the United States at the early age of eight. Making Southern California her new home, she embraced the art of dance and excelled in both ballet and jazz.

For more than a dozen years, she trained at the most respected dance studios with top ballet coaches and traveled with her dance company, performing in front of thousands and on TV. Seen as one of the more talented young ballet dancers, she encountered numerous opportunities, including the possibility to move to New York and join one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world – The New York City Ballet.

Admired by many for her warm personality and exceptional dancing skills, she quickly became one of the most recognizable personalities on TV and Film. Her outstanding teaching skills also made her a favorite among salsa students around the world. Creating The Liz Lira Dance Method.

She went on to capture her first major salsa dance championship at the Mayan World Salsa Championships in the summer of 2002. Along with many other competitions, her itinerary also included performances on the international stage, including appearances in her beloved Bolivia, South Korea, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Finland, China, India and Japan.

Featured choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with The Stars, Step Up, The Ugly Truth, Marc Anthony, Sky Dance 10th Anniversary, Tango Bar, KTLA, Make it or Break it, Chrysler, Extra, Dirty Dancing England.

www.dancasdomundo - #academiadancasdomundo

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